Walter's bistro

Walter’s Patrik and Honza wanted me to come up with a name and create a visual identity for their delivery bistro, which they are opening in Prague–Jinonice. In the end, the bistro was named Walter’s after the famous inventor and transportation design engineer Josef Walter, who, at the beginning of the 20th century, had a factory in the same district. For the logo, I designed its own typeface, inspired by Walter’s company’s historical logo. Each meal box delivered by the scooter messenger is unique – I have created a set of illustrated stickers and handstamps portraying Walter’s inventions, and Walter’s will use these to decorate each delivery. Taking a few historical facts of his professional life as my basis, I produced a fictitious story and used its parts to create the visual identity. Concept, design, illustrations – Petr Kudláček Photos – Kingadom

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